Zachary Snyder's projects

Projects that I have made that aren't games.

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BoiBean Discord Bot

BoiBean is a multi-purpose Discord bot that I made for the server that my friends are in.

It has many features such as youtube connectivity, chat GPT, stable diffusion, and daily random words.

BoiBean Box

BoiBean Box is a Raspberry Pi project thats uses ChatGPT to make a smart and fast AI assistant.

OpenAI APIs are used to convert recorded voice to text, interface with ChatGPT, and convert the response to realistic speech.

The box has many features including but not limited to: Model switching, Voice switching, Volume Setting, and Status LEDs.

The housing was made using a Realistic Radio intercom from the 1980s.

AR Stream

AR Stream project created the Colorado School of Mines field session summer 2024.

The program, for Microsoft HoloLens 2, uses Web RTC to send a camera stream to a Docker container, which uses YOLO V5 to send bounding boxes back to the headset.

Mandelbrot Renderer

My implementation of rendering a mandelbrot set, as fractals are interesting to me.

Earth Balls

An experiment made with Unity using Google Earth tiles.

This lets you fly around the earth and shoot balls and cubes with realistic collision.