Custom Models

Already have your own model? Send it to us and we'll print it for you. We support the following 3D Formats:
STL, OBJ, Solidworks, and Fusion 360.

Only have about an idea of what print you want? We'll model a custom STL for you to your measurements. Models will be made in Solidworks and we charge custom modeling by the hour.

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How to make the best of your custom order.

Overhang can cause issues when printing. Any angle steeper than 50° will have a loss of print quality. Bridging a gap can also cause problems, but only if they are wider than 2 inches. Support material can be used, but it will greatly increase print price.

The max size of a model is 21cm X 21cm X 21cm. If the model doesn't fit in this area, it will have to be made in different parts.

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