Zachary Snyder's games

Here are my games, some are even playable.

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Diora is an isometric 3D game for the Panic Playdate! It game uses a custom '3D engine' I made. It runs well, I promise.

Diora Game Site Twitter Page

PGS Tour

A wacky mini-golf game with a cool gravity mechanic.

Made by me and Asher Dykstra for a game development class. Page

A two player pool game with an accurate physics engine, tight controls, and a groovy soundtrack! Page


This is an interactive portfolio showing some of my experiance in game development. Made in Unity WebGl.


Voyage is an open world space exploration game!

Twitter Page

Moustake is a Surgeon Simulator-esce take on a barbershop game for the Panic Playdate, ported from LÖVE 2D. Do your best to match your customer's requests, and avoid making them angry! Page


This game was made earlier in 2019. It was designed to work on mobile devies, and works okay enough on WebGL. It is not completely finished but I enjoyed working on it!


Christmas House 2022

Merry Christmas!

Made in december 2022 instead of sending cards. Roll around and collect all 5 ornaments!



A 3D take on a charged particles simulation made for a Physics 2 class. Could be good for academic settings.