Z3D Games

Z3D Games

Hi, please excuse the sub-par HTML. Here are my games, made in Unity 3D, no downloads needed.

(These games may not work on mobile devices.)

thanks bootstrap


This game was made earlier in 2019. It was designed to work on mobile devies, and works okay enough on WebGl. This is one of my favorite projects ive done but it is not completely finished, with the last few levels being unplayable. However, I still think this puzzle game is worth a play! (This game looks nicer in fullscreen, but it shows geometry that's offscreen during normal play.)

Christmas Card

This game was made in December 2019 to send to friends and family instead of mailing a card. (This game works best in fullscreen mode, but you can also resize the page with ctrl + scroll.)

Web Gaem

This game is being worked on currently, I am trying to make multiplayer work with Web GL. It is a simple ball rolling game, and definately not that impressive.